The Storage Bunker is Going Green

The Storage Bunker is aware of how important the effects of going green are to the environment. As a small family owned business, we are doing our part to reduce, re-use and recycle. We believe even our small part in this effort plays a big role in the overall reduction of waste in our neighborhood, and therefore our environment. We responsibly do the following in our business and office practices:

  • We recycle all cardboard and cardboard boxes in our warehouse
  • We recycle paper, glass and plastic
  • We have installed energy efficient roofing in our Charlestown location and energy efficient lighting in both of our locations
  • We have an auto-bill system that eliminates the need to use excess paper in notifying customers of their accounts- we encourage our customers to help save paper
  • The boxes we sell are made of post-consumer recycled materials
  • We often have used boxes available at no cost in our warehouse- reduce, re-use, recycle!